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Re: The EC Declaration of Conformity as per the Low Voltage Directive 2006/95/EC and the Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive 2004/108/EC of the European Parliament and Council on the approximation of laws of the Member States relating to Electrical Appliances.


The above mentioned directives require that all electrical equipment falling under this category carries the CE marking. Equipment falling under one or more of these directives includes, but is not limited to electrical household appliances incorporating electrical motors and/or directly connected to the electrical mains power supply. Such equipment includes electric fans, several kitchen appliances, computers and other household items, amongst others. The CE mark is required to be affixed to the product after appropriate tests are carried out and a declaration of conformity is issued.

Thus, all electrical household appliances imported into, or manufactured in the European Union, including Malta, are required to have the CE marking affixed to it. 

Current practice in Member States is that manufacturers retain the responsibility for certifying the conformity of their equipment to the relevant essential requirements of the Directives mentioned above.

It is essential therefore, that before issuing an EC declaration of conformity, the manufacturer or his authorized representative established in the Community provides a technical construction file. It is not, however, essential that all documentation be permanently available in a material manner, but it must be made available on demand.

We also take this opportunity to remind you of the legal requirement that all electrical appliances have to be sold to clients with the three-pin plug or suitable adaptor which is fitted to the appliance before the product is sold to consumers. These requirements are detailed in Legal Notice 181 of 2004, Electrical Accessories Regulations.

Should you have any queries, or require further information on the matter, please contact the undersigned on telephone number 23952310 or e-mail to .

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