18 Nov
SME Chamber

The SME Conference: COVID-19 & SMEs – Acknowledging, Adapting & Looking Ahead

The theme of this year’s SME Conference is Covid 19 & SMEs: Acknowledging, Adapting and Looking Ahead. This Conference will encompass all the important themes that businesses must be on top of and able to conquer to strengthen their position.

You have an option of attending physically at VILLA ARRIGO (in limited numbers and following the full health protocols) or register to follow remotely

The conference is being organised jointly by the Malta Chamber of SMEs and Business 1st as part of the SME Week 2020 celebrations.

The conference proceedings will be in Maltese with real-time translation in English for everyone to be able to follow with ease.

Applications are accepted on a first come first served basis and are subject to availability. Booking will only be confirmed when you receive a confirmation email.

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Kindly list any dietary requirements or allergies