17 Dec
Fabian Demicoli

Certified Consumer Law Ready Training for SMEs

Thanks to EU funds the Malta Chamber of SMEs is once again able to offer free specialised training specifically tailored for businesses to know the ins and outs of Consumer Law in Malta as relevant for your business.

The two hour programme consists of training sessions packaged into 5 Modules:

-Pre-contractual information requirements
-Rights of withdrawal
Consumer rights and guarantees in case of non-conforming products
-Unfair commercial practices
-Alternative dispute reolutions

Each training participant will be accredited by the European Commission.

Consumer Law Ready is open to owners and employees in SMEs of all sizes, across the European Union.

Consumer Law Ready is a project funded by the European Parliament and the European Commission, managed in cooperation with the European Commission.

Register here for FREE to attend one of the Consumer Law Ready trainings for SMEs.

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