27 Nov
SME Chamber

A guide to local Black Friday Offers

The Malta Chamber of SMEs has launched its initiative linked to Black Friday, this year highlighting additional convenience for consumers who can visit the stores but also wishing to buy online and have the items delivered.

Black Friday is a very important day for businesses and consumers alike, and this year, despite all the challenges, will certainly be a good moment for business when compared to the rest of the year. From the feedback received so far both businesses and consumers are very looking forward to make the most of these few days during which special offers will be available.

The SME Chamber’s initiative this year is in line with our national priorities and in fact apart from highlighting which stores are carrying the Black Friday discounts, their locality and opening hours, this year the SME Chamber is also highlighting which stores are carrying out offers online and also providing delivery service.

It is very positive to note that an increasing number of businesses participating in the initiative but more than this that businesses have overcome what used to be a national disadvantage and are now able to provide a full service of buying online and delivering.

Following an interview held with Prof Charmaine Gauci last week where Black Friday was discussed, the Superintendent of Public Health, outlined that the health measures on shops have proven to work and that one should always ensure that these measures are followed at all times. The SME Chamber appeals to businesses and consumers to continue cooperating and carrying their responsibilities as well as they have done so far.

The SME Chamber’s Guide to local Black Friday Offers covering over 200 outlets gives consumers full visibility in order to be able to plan their shopping ahead and benefit from this period to the full.

It has never been clearer how much local consumers need to support local businesses to help each other and come out of the crises. The SME Chamber emphasis that by supporting local we are supporting our own jobs and families.