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Energy Saving Simple tips that make a difference


To start off SWITCH OFF NOW all appliances and any other standby equipment such as: mobile chargers, external power supplies, modems, PCs, TVs, DVD players, satellite decoders / set-top boxes around you, which currently aren't being used.

With the stand by ‘red indicator bulb' on, the device is still consuming considerable amounts of energy – reason why standby devices still heat up. Switching off such standby devices from the main supply (and not just from the remote control) will easily save up to 5-10% on your energy bills.

Nowadays one can also find user-friendly Energy Meters & also Standby Power Socket / Extension Savers that work either automatically or at a touch of a remote button.


We all think that saving energy is all about lighting and electricity, but we keep forgetting that in Malta, water production is by far one of the largest energy consumers – this is due to the fact that we have very limited water resources on our island. Thus if we save on water, apart from the fact that we save money on our water bills, we are also substantially helping in reducing the local energy demand.

In our homes, the three areas where we use most water are:

  • Flushing
  • Washing
  • Outdoor use

Nearly 35% of our water consumption  is taken up by flushing. Thus consider using a half flush system rather than a full one. If your flushing unit does not host this half flush option, you can use the older idea of filling up water bottles and placing them horizontally in the flushing unit.

As for Washing / Bathing, economising on water levels in baths is unhygienic, so there is no other way how to save water in this area other than just taking a shower. In fact it is much more economical to have a shower as much less water is used. If needed, rather than one bath, it is better to have two showers at different times of the day. On the other hand when having a shower, one should not stand under the shower for long – otherwise the whole scope of saving water is lost. Using low-flow showerheads and cut-off valves helps to further save on water bills.

We also need to try and reduce as much as possible outdoor water use, such as car washing and general outdoor cleaning. If this is necessary we need to make this efficient by using buckets and not hose pipe washing.

It is important that we do not let water run continuously whilst shaving, washing teeth or hair. Installing tap limiters can save 40% of the running water from taps. Also, where applicable, consider replacing worn out tap mixers with either Sensor Activated or Button Press ones.

Try to collect all the rain water possible and make good use of it.  Also, immediately report water faults at once.

By Ing, Stefan Demarco @ MRRA

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