Fabian Demicoli

Electricity is an essential commodity to SME’s

 The supply of
electricity by Enemalta leaves much to be desired. The recent continuous power
cuts at Bisazza Street Sliema are once again a show of the shambolic state of
affairs at Enemalta. GRTU –  Malta Chamber of
Small and Medium Enterprises insists that business
cannot function when such an essential service as electricity cannot be

Is it expected that each shop owner keeps a generator on the ready in
top notch places like Bisazza Street and other high value areas? And what is
the new regulator at the Malta Resources Authority doing about this? The
previous chairman at Malta Resources Authority failed miserably to regulate
Enemalta and defend the commercial and domestic users. Is this one any better,
or are we back to the usual sick ineffective public regulation relying only on
excuses that now nobody believes anymore.

Enemalta is in
tatters unfortunately and it is time the Ministry of Finance, the Economy and
Investment took the bull by the horns. And once again it is a situation where
we need to make choices according to priorities. If having a constant supply of
electricity for our business community is not a priority then one wonders what
is? It is of no use stating that the backbone of the economy is built on SME's
and then SME's lack the most essential of commodities, electricity.

The business
community will assess the losses due to these power cuts and will claim from Enemalta. Enemalta should stand up and be
counted. Each business in Bisazza Street or anywhere else and Enemalta have a
contractual obligation with one another, Enemalta to supply electricity and the
other to pay for that service. Whilst the business community pays for the
service from the nose, Enemalta does not shoulder and honor its obligation.

Enemalta is shoddy, shambolic, and operate under crisis
management, keeping their fingers crossed that by tomorrow, either the heat
wave goes away, or else they have thought of another silly excuse which no
longer holds water.


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