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Eco Design – An update

 Below is an update of the work going on in the Eco design Directive now recast as 2009/125/EC so as to widen its scope to energy related products.

In preparation :

Fans including fans integrated in products – www.msa.org.mt/rad/ecodesign/EUP_discussed/air%20conditioning%20ventillation%20and%20fans/Proposal%20for%20a%20Regulation%20on%20fans%20with%20track%20changes.doc

The implementing measure applies to axial, centrifugal, cross flow or mixed flow fans when supplied alone/ equipped with an electric motor rated between 125 W and 500 kW/ even when integrated in a product (for example air conditioners, air handlers, extractor fans, ventilation fans etc.) There are a few exceptions such as in the case of products with small motors, small laundry dryers, and small kitchen hoods. Fans of a specialised nature such as those designed to operate in media above 100°C. The draft regulation will be expected to be enacted in time for the requirements to start applying from 1 January 2013.

Vacuum cleaners –

www.msa.org.mt/rad/ecodesign/EUP_discussed/commercial%20and%20household%20equipment/vacuum%20cleaners/Text%20for%20CF%2025%20June_VCs%20v0.doc Measures that are being considered are minimum limits for energy consumption, noise, cleaning performance, dust emission.  An energy label is also being considered.

Tumble driers –

www.msa.org.mt/rad/ecodesign/EUP_discussed/commercial%20and%20household%20equipment/tumble%20drier/WD_TF_CF%2025%20June%202010_31-05-2010_v2%20(2).doc Emphasis is on adapting the existing energy label to encompass the new technologies being used in tumble driers. The scope may be extended to include also gas fired tumble driers and heat pump operated driers.

Commercial refrigerators / freezers –

www.msa.org.mt/rad/ecodesign/EUP_discussed/commercial%20and%20household%20equipment/refrigerators/Commercial%20refrigerator%20WD%20for%20CF%20draft%20v1.doc The policy options being considered are minimum requirements on energy efficiency and restrictions on the use of certain refrigerants. Energy Labelling requirements are also being considered

Coming into force:

The following requirements will start to apply shortly to imported and newly manufactured good:

Contact Ing. Joseph Micallef – Engineer, Regulatory Affairs Directorate, Malta Standards Authority- if more information is required. T: 2395221 E:

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