Fabian Demicoli

Eco contribution exemptions granted to Green MT Waste Packaging Scheme members

 29 Members of Waste Packaging Compliance Scheme Green MT, the market leader in waste packaging recovery, have this week been granted Exemptions from the payment of Eco Contribution. 9 of these members have been granted an exemption of payment as of July 01, 2009 whilst all others have been granted payments exemption for full calendar year 2010. Applicants who have applied for Eco Contribution exemptions with the Approving Body will be receiving shortly the Exemption Certificate.


Producers of Waste Packaging are now aware that Green MT has responsibly recovered well over the required 70% recovery and recycling obligations. Green MT, a fully owned subsidiary of the Malta Chamber of Small and Medium Enterprises has since 1st July 2009 recovered over 12, 000 tons of Packaging Waste from 41 Local Councils, Bring-in-Sites and private industries. The recovery of this recyclable waste has been duly certified by WasteServ (Malta) Ltd.

Green MT would like to take this opportunity to thank the Approving Body, the Ministry of Finance, Economy and Investment and the Ministry for Resources and Rural Affairs for their total commitment to make sure that this Exemption Mechanism is put in place. Despite the problems encountered through this legislation process we now look forward to amending the current legislation so that future exemptions for the coming calendar year is guaranteed for members of Waste Packaging Compliance Schemes that recover and recycle over 70% of packaging waste placed on the market. Vince Farrugia, Chairman of Green MT stated that this legislation would not have come about without the dedicated commitment of the Malta Chamber of Small and Medium Enterprises GRTU's total commitment towards compliance to environmental legislation. GRTU will continue to instigate its members in all sectors to be compliance to waste packaging legislation so that a fair and level market playing field is created for one and all.

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