Fabian Demicoli

Eco Contribution Exemption for 2011

 Solution for EEE producers to join a Waste packaging authorised scheme – Green MT has formally presented 65 applications for Eco Contribution Exemptions to the Approving Body for the year 2011. The applicants place on  the market just over 12, 000 tons of packaging waste and plastic and glass make up most of their packaging waste placed in the market.


By close of business on Friday 28th January 2011, Green MT had reached 212 members. The number will continue to rise as mose who do not register with an Authorised Scheme and pay their financial dues will face penalties  very shortly.

Green MT continues to operate a logistical collection of packaging waste from 41 Local Councils and also recoveries from companies and traders who join the Scheme. It is imperative that more Waste Packaging Producers take up their responsibility, firstly, to avoid any related penalties up and coming shortly, and also to be able to be part of a fair and level playing field in the market related to their respective sector. Those producers who continue to ‘free ride' the system will shortly have to face penalties which will not be to their liking, but it is not fair for a few hundred producers to bear the brunt of so many who place packaging waste on the market.

Authorised Waste Packaging Schemes had just over 390 members as at 2010 , end of year. All these 390 members placed approximately just over 20,000 tons of packaging waste in the market, thus contributing  also financially to Schemes. This figure represents just over 23% of all packaging waste placed in Malta and Gozo in the year 2010. It is estimated that in 2010 alone 87,000 tons of Packaging Waste were placed in the market in Malta and Gozo. To date a month after,  members with both Schemes have incresed by just over 150 to a mere 540 producers.  There was an increase but this is considered petty in comparison .

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