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Doing business in other EU countries is getting simpler

 Businesses seeking to expand into other countries often struggle to comply with all the regulations they need to follow. Applying for licenses, permits and completing other administrative procedures in another country can be very complicated.  This is even true in countries where eGovernment is quite advanced.  Online services in foreign countries can have different service levels or follow a different logic to the services businesses use in their own countries.


The EU has initiated the SPOCS (Simple Procedures Online for Cross-Border Services) project to overcome these obstacles.

The EU Services Directive already requires all procedures involved in establishing a business and providing services in another EU country to be fully online. The SPOCS project is now taking things a step further by streamlining those procedures and offering seamless cross- border technology.

May 2011 will see the launch of the first services using SPOCS that will support travel agents, real estate agents and master builders in establishing a presence and doing business in other EU countries.

Businesses are invited to test-drive the new services, which will initially span 5 Member States. Austria, Germany, Greece, Italy and Poland will all demonstrate their services in the SPOCS pilot.  Other EU Member States will join later in the year. More information and updates will be published on the SPOCS site and in future newsletters.   

To learn more about SPOCS or register for the newsletter, please go to http://www.eu-spocs.eu/

All interested parties have the opportunity to influence developments, provide feedback and make proposals by participating in one of the following groups while registering to the SPOCS site http://www.eu-spocs.eu/ :

Member States – PSCs

Large Scale Pilots

IT Industry and Standards Bodies

Business Representatives and End Users

Local Government  

Further information:

SPOCS website: http://www.eu-spocs.eu/

Services Directive: http://ec.europa.eu/internal_market/services/services-dir/index_en.htm

Editorial Contacts:

SPOCS Press Office:

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