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Do you think that lifestyle changes are possible?

 Stellina Galea is the living proof this is possible. She went through a 16 week programme during which her life changed completely. This is what she went through! Stellina Galea is a 48 year old woman in business; an accountant by profession and a specialized travel agent. With all the stress that a woman can encounter when having both a family and a career it was impossible believing that better attitudes in her lifestyle could make her feel better until she met Mr John Xuereb, a life coach who succeeded in proving her wrong.


"I lead a very stressful life, juggling between my profession, business and career. I have been married for 26 years and have a 20 year old son". This is the life of Stellina Galea, she describes that along the years with each passing day she felt more tired and therefore did not exercise and gained excessive weight. "For people that have such an active and hectic lifestyle like mine this was very discouraging and depressing. Everybody used to say that this was normal… that I was going through a middle-age crisis" said Mrs Galea. She however neither believed nor accepted this.

The welcome change came last summer, in July, when Stellina met John Xuereb of Bodies N' Motion and her life changed dramatically. Not only did John Xuereb change her life but also the lives of her family members. Stellina Galea stated that "My husband, my son and I lost 14 kilos of fat, a total of 42 kilos in a family of three!" and what is most striking is that although the hectic lifestyle she and her family manage they still succeed in keeping all that fat away.

Mrs Galea explained the way her lifestyle changed to the better. She emphasized that she felt more energetic, noticed more productivity during her day of work and she felt she was managing her business with more energy and ease. In a few words she had a more optimistic view of her life but the best thing she experienced was that she dedicated more time to herself together with all the activity she goes trough on a daily basis.

For Stellina Galea the most important benefit of the weight loss programme was the way that: "my family and I experienced the benefit of a higher energy level. Moreover, we do feel and look better."

Mrs Galea also shared that her husband, even though he is also an accountant by profession, found a suitable time to join in and feel the marvelous benefits of this programme. Stellina Galea stated that her husband "suffered from high cholesterol levels for over 12 years and was on intense medication methods. He was also told that he would never be able to neither reduce his medication nor get rid of it all." Stellina's husband was having to increase his medication each year until he met John Xuereb and completed one of his 16 week life transformation programmes and his cholesterol came back to its normal levels. Moreover, what is most striking is that Mr Galea managed to reduce his medicinal intake to zero.

"I now weigh as much as I used to when I was 21 years old and I never imagined that with changes to and the elimination of habits, which we stick to unconditionally, such a positive thing could make me feel and look better and younger at the same time. I feel like I went into a time machine and went back 25 years in time" concluded Stellina Galea.

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