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Crystalline silicon photovoltaic modules originating in China

Initiation of anti-dumping proceeding – The Commission initiated an anti-dumping investigation concerning imports of crystalline silicon photovoltaic modules and key components originating in the People's Republic of China.
The initiation is based on a complaint lodged on the 25th
July 2012 by EU Prosun, an ad hoc joint initiative of EU solar
businesses including two named German producers and other EU based
producers who chose to remain anonymous.


The complaint was lodged on
behalf of Union producers representing more than 25% of the total EU
production of the product concerned.
The European industry accuses its Chinese competitors of selling their technology at a price that undercuts costs in order to gain a dominant position on the European market.

In this context, the initiation of proceedings by the Commission is intended to check whether dumping of the product concerned is taking place. If the investigation concludes that dumping is leading to injury of the EU industry and that the imposition of measures does not go against overall Community Interest, provisional measures are implemented.

The investigation takes 15 months but provisional anti-dumping measures, if any, and after consulting Member States, will be proposed within 9 months of the initiation of the investigation (i.e. by not later than 6th June 2013). Definitive anti-dumping measures may enter into force by 5th December 2013.

Product Concerned

The product concerned is solar panels and their key components, i.e. solar cells and solar wafers. In order to produce a solar panel, solar wafers are converted into cells and then cells are assembled together into modules, i.e. panels. Some producers in the EU have integrated production covering all three segments, whilst others produce only wafers, cells and/or modules. The product concerned is classifiable for Customs purposes under the following Combined Nomenclature (CN) codes: 8541 4090; 8501 3100; 8501 3200; 8501 3300; 8501 3400; 8503 0090 and 3818 0100.

National Interest

National imports of the products concerned are significant and it is therefore important that Maltese importers and retailers know about the ongoing proceedings and therefore a consultation process will be carried out.

The results of this consultation process will form the basis of Malta's position. GRTU will be communicating the date of the consultation meeting shortly. Interested parties are invited to contact Abigail Mamo at GRTU to register their interest.


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