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Consultation: Importers/ Manufacturers of Electronic products

 Energy efficiency and climate change issues have become increasingly intermingled. The European Commission, in response to many calls for better energy efficiency, is currently working on eco requirements in the design of a wide range of products – ranging from common household goods to office equipment and even street lighting.

It wants to ensure that products are from the initial stage designed to be efficient in terms of energy consumption.


Importers of products originating in third countries will have the same responsibilities as manufacturers. Retailers will have certain responsibilities too.

A briefing session is being organised for stakeholders on the current issues relating to eco-design, the discussions currently taking place at EU level and developments to be expected in the near future.

The seminar should be of particular interest to:

Importers, manufacturers and retailers of white goods (especially domestic electrical appliances, televisions and other sound/vision equipment; and personal computers

Contractors and engineers involved in designing and erection of commercial and electrical installations

Importers, manufacturers and retailers of sound / visual equipment

Importers, manufacturers and retailers of electronic equipment that requires an external charger or power supply (eg laptops/ notebooks, mobile phones etc)

The session is being held as follows:


5 November 2008

Time: 0900 – 1100 hrs

Registration: 08:45 hrs


The main speaker will be Ing. Joseph Micallef, from the Regulatory Affairs Directorate (MSA). He will tackle the issue of how implementing measures are developed, current and expected developments, the implementing measures on the products in question, and the relationship with the energy labelling directive.

There will also be time for discussion and questions from participants. Participation is free of charge. Registration is highly recommended In view of seating restrictions. Those interested should contact GRTU offices by not later than 31st October.

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