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Certification of the Professional Competence of Professional drivers

Transport Malta will be introducing a
Certificate of Professional Competence for Professional Drivers (Driver CPC),
based on the requirements of European Union Directive 2003/59/EC.

The programme
is aimed at improving road safety by strengthening the skills of professional
drivers. The Driver CPC is compulsory for all those who earn an income from
driving Goods Vehicles having a gross vehicle weight (GVW) of 3,500kg and over.

The Driver CPC consists of two
distinct elements:

The Driver CPC involves two parts:

a) The initial qualification which
is obtained following a training programme        and
requires the driver to pass theoretical and practical tests and is compulsory
for all those     drivers who obtained
their driving licence in category C or C1 after the 10th of September 2009;

b) The ongoing periodical training
of 35 hours every five years, applicable to all drivers of goods carrying vehicles
in the above-mentioned category, irrespective of when they obtained their C or
C1 category driving licence.

Transport Malta will be subsidising
the first ongoing periodical training programme that will be provided by a
number of training organisations that were approved by Transport Malta to
deliver this programme. In this respect Transport Malta is urging all operators
holding a licence for the International Transport of Goods and invites them to
submit a list of all the drivers engaged by them in the transport of goods by
vehicles having a gross vehicle weight greater than 3,500kg. Such list shall
include the following details:

and surname;

Card number



Those drivers who already have the
CPC qualification should not be included in this list.

As a holder of a licence for the
International Transport of Goods, you are invited  to send 
the requested information at your earliest convenience. You may submit
such information either by hand at Transport Malta offices in Sa Maison, by
post or via email on .

For more information on this Driver
CPC you may contact TM on 25608 165 or on the afore-mentioned email address.
You may also contact GRTU on 21 230459 or on email address

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