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Bulgaria-Svoge:field sports equipment ; contract description: supply and installation of equipment for sport infrastructures in svoge; Deadline for submissions: 10 December 2014; Reference: 2014/S 194-342215


United Kingdom-London: Software package and information systems

contract description:

In the light of technological advancements and recent developments in the area of public debt management, the Commonwealth secretariat has decided to develop a new system to better meet the needs of its membership.

The new System

The new system will be a web-based solution developed using technologies (e.g. c#, silverlight, etc.)

and will run on Windows platform and support both SQL server and oracle databases. It is expected that the system will support multiple languages (single-byte and multiple-byte languages) mainly English, French and Spanish.

The new system will provide a central repository for several categories of public and publicly guaranteed external and domestic debt covering a wide range of debt instruments from loans to securities.

scope of work: Given that the development of the new system is a major exercise, the Commonwealth secretariat has decided to outsource the development of the system. Subsequent maintenance of the system following warranty will be handled in-house by the Commonwealth secretariat. In summary the scope of work will involve:

Working with the Commonwealth secretariat to develop the system requirements specifications documents based on the business requirements documents provided by the secretariat.

Preparing system design documents (system modules and database) on which the development of the system will be based.

Developing and delivering a tested system to the secretariat for acceptance testing. The source code must be delivered with proper documentation explaining the functions of each module/function.

Providing comprehensive documentation (technical and user manuals) of the system to the secretariat. In addition, the system must allow for on-line, context sensitive help at both screen and field level.

Developing a data migration utility for electronically migrating client data from the existing CS-DRMS to the new system.

Training and transfer of knowledge must be provided to the staff of the secretariat who will provide first line support and carry out updates in-house once the system is delivered; the services of the provider may be enlisted for further development work depending on the nature and size of updates.

Deadline for submissions:

[this is a prior information notice]

Reference: 2014/S 194-342848


United Kingdom-London: IT services: consulting, software development, Internet and support

contract description:

The BBC is currently undertaking a four year change programme to equip the business with a set of advanced analytical tools and capabilities. The aim of the programme is to encourage and facilitate data-driven decision making, to provide a more personalised audience experience.

The BBC is considering the procurement of a tool that will support the BBC to optimise their online content in terms of audience engagement, consumption and interaction (and other associated activities). This tool would be pan-BBC (i.e. across both Public service and commercial) and capable of tracking audience activity on multiple devices and in multiple formats in real-time. The BBC would also require provision of support and maintenance.

The types of roles using this tool would be: Front-page Editors; user Experience and design staff; Features Editors and; Journalists.

As an example, this tool should be able to allow the BBC user to:

view real-time audience engagement metrics, such as scroll depth, on specific stories;

view the real-time performance of stories in terms of engagement and popularity e.g. their ranking on the page and time spent on page;

Easily compare the performance of stories within a domain. I.e. the software should be able to identify index pages as a collection of individual stories;

view real-time data regarding user journeys (internally and externally);

view data about customer loyalty, traffic sources, and recirculation;

view data about device type;

view the effect on audience metrics of page layout/content changes in real-time;


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