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Bring in Site at Xlendi reduced to ashes Arson suspected

Two sets of Bring in Sites siutated at Xlendi Parking Bay were burned during the night between Wednesday and Thursday this week, more precisely between 12 midnight and 1 am.
These bring in sites consisted of six domed shaped Bins belonging to the Local Council of Munxar and four containers on wheels, property of Green MT, the National Authorised Packaging Waste Complaince Scheme . A total of ten containers and in addition two palm trees, and also a decorative lamp post. We estimate damages at a cost of nearly Euros 6000.

It was a night of dew and some rain so the containers could not have caught fire on their own merit. Arson is definately suspected and the case has been reported to the Police. The Civil Protection were on site within minutes and avoided more damages to other property. We have full confidence in the Police Force and we are sure this suspected arson will be investigated in its proper manner. Such incidents are aimed only to satisfy a single coward’s need and with the resulting inconvenience to the Community. We need to eradicate such individuals and bring them to justice.

The Police would do well to question every one who lives in the area, and go through all CCTVs that show vehicles going to the direction of Xlendi from Victoria or from Munxar to Xlendi during those hours. The investigation needs to go deep. If society wants the confidence of the Police Force to grow, it is such issues that need to be brought to justice. Forgetting the investment involved for the provision of this equipment, this is a concern for the moral fibre of society in general. The Police Force needs to be able to solve such cases. To solve such cases, there needs to be the will power. We cannot treat this matter as just another set of burned bins, with just the words ‘Case Unsolved’ at the end of the Police Report.

As a Scheme Green MT has gone through reporting nearly seventy burned bins in the last three years at an approximate cost of nearly Euros 20, 000. Only one case was solved, an arson of a set in Kirkop Malta.

Such incidents are condemned by not only the Scheme, but also by The Munxar Local Council who strives hard to make ends meet in this Locality. The Munxar Local Council has provided both the residents and the commercial community at Xlendi with a service next to none in respect to Waste Managment, a service which increases during the summer months. Green MT has invested heavily in emptying these bins and making sure they are kept clean despite the problems that we faced daily in peak months. This is a service to the community which we vouch we will continue to give, but we need the support of the Authorities to make sure that we are able to do this without such incidents. More Police monitoring is required until a culprit is caught and brough to justice. We will then name and shame.

We now have to rebuild this site, ten new bins, a new decorative lamp post and unfortunately the two palm trees which will now not survive this ordeal. The case is now left in the able hands of the Police Force. We are sure they are committed to solve this case and hopefully it will not end with the remaining list of unsolved cases. We thank them before hand for their commitment good work to solve this case.

Article by Joe Attard, CEO of Green Mt

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