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Fertilizers – Belarus is one of the world's biggest producers of potash fertilizers. Annual production of potash is over 9 million tons. Belarusian potash is exported to cover 70 countries of the world including EU.


The principal exporter of Belarusian potash fertilizers is Belarusian Potash Company which controls over 30% of the world potash market (http://www.belpc.by/).

Nitrogen fertilizers are also produced in Belarus by Grodno Azot JSC (http://www.azot.by/) situated in Grodno city near Belarus-Poland border. The company producing liquid ammonia for technical use (976,8 thousand tons a year), nitrogen based fertilizers (urea – 785 thousand tons a year, urea-ammonium nitrate mixture – UAN – 720 thousand tons year, ammonium sulphate – 319 thousand tons a year), methanol for technical use (80 thousand tons a year), caprolactam (111,2 thousand tons a year).

All Belarusian fertilizers match EU and international standards.


2.       Tractors

Production Association Minsk Tractor Works was founded 29 May, 1946. For more than 60 years of its history it has become one of the biggest world manufacturer of agricultural machinery with more than 30,000 people working here.

At present, there are more than 100 tractor plants in the world. But only 8 of them supply with their production 96% of the total volume of the product market. Minsk Tractor Works is among them.

Minsk Tractor Works on the license basis develops, produces, and exports wheeled tractors, spare parts, renders setting services.

At present Minsk Tractor Works takes leading positions on the markets of more than 60 countries worldwide. Over several years the factory possesses 8-10% of the world wheeled tractors market, remaining in the ten of the world biggest manufacturers.

Minsk Tractor Works web-site is http://www.belarus-tractor.com/


3. Tourism

Belarus might be also interesting for Maltese as a tourist destination. http://www.belarustourism.by/


4. Investments.

The national web-site for investors is http://www.invest.belarus.by/.


Anyone interested can check the websites and contact Abigail Mamo to have contacts facilitated.

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