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Thank you for your interest in volunteering for research

From time to time we receive various request from students/ stakeholders requesting to disseminate questionnaires,It would be greatly appreciated if you could spend a few minutes to fill out the following questionnaire/s.

Christine Teuma – Student

Christine Teuma is currently reading for a Masters in Blockchain and DLTs at the University of Malta. As part of her studies, and under the supervision of Dr. Ian Cassar, she is undertaking research leading to the submission of a dissertation currently entitled: An analysis on the challenges encountered by European SMEs, in relation to lending and investing, and the prospect of a P2P blockchain platform, whereby she is anticipating to analyse whether stakeholders will be willing to participate on blockchain-based P2P platforms for microfinance services. Accordingly, she will be conducting interviews with the market players to gather their perception on the subject as part of my data collection.

Kindly note that participation is voluntary, and candidate’s identity and position within the entities will be subject to the candidate’s consent. Refusal to participate, or withdrawal from all or part of the research, shall carry no penalty or loss of benefit to which the interviewees are otherwise entitled. In the event that the interviewee withdraws from the study, all records and information pertaining to the participants will be destroyed. Furthermore, the responses gathered will be solely used for the purpose of the dissertation and will be deleted within a year of submission of the dissertation.

The data collection will be divided into three main sections. Firstly, the candidate is expected to read through a short Business Plan and fill a Competitor Analysis table. Secondly, the interview questions will be asked during a face to face virtual meeting. Lastly, following the interview, the candidate will be asked whether he/she wishes to revise the Competitor Analysis table.

If interested, it would be greatly appreciated if you could send an email to . Further documentations and information respective to the topic will be sent to the participants.


Luigi Grech -Student

Luigi Grech is a student at the University of Malta reading for a Master in Accountancy. He is currently conducting research for his dissertation relating to financing for SMEs, and the Malta Development Bank (MDB) & Crowdfunding as alternative sources of finance for local SMEs.
As part of his research he’s carrying out a survey aimed towards local SMEs. It is highly appreciated if you would take a few minutes of your time to fill in this survey.
This is the link for the survey:


eSkills Malta Foundation – The survey is targeted to ICT companies and companies which has an IT department or unit.

As clearly shown by the recent pandemic, the digital  enablement of services for organisations in the private and public sector requires access to the human capital resources both within the organisations, but also through their suppliers and partners. 
ESkills Malta Foundation has engaged Ernst & Young Ltd., to carry out the study including the execution of the survey, interviews with selected parties and the analysis of the results.
The data will be analysed and results published only in anonymised and aggregated form.
Thank you in advance for your contribution!

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