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Balanced efforts by government to help Valletta Business and save Christmas welcome

Visitors to Valletta will be able to enjoy free parking


2020 has changed life as we know it and adapting has proven very hard for everyone, including businesses. Valletta establishments have been hit very hard by the pandemic being very dependent on tourists and cruise liners.

Valletta is having to reinvent itself to survive the crises and make the most of the opportunity it has to showcase the gem it is.

The Malta Chamber of SMEs therefore welcomes the support of the Tourism Ministry, the MTA, the Valletta Cultural Agency and the Ministry for Culture for accepting our views on the matter, in representation of the business community in Valletta, and supporting with key measures that will constitute the necessary lifeline for Valletta.

Valletta has during the recent years undergone a massive regeneration process and today it not only houses top brands and exquisite eateries but it is a true destination for its visitors.

With its large open spaces, beautiful architecture and museums, Valletta will be an ideal spot to get into the Christmas spirit while following safety protocols. Valletta will offer the necessary safe outing many families are hoping to enjoy this festive season.

Visitors to Valletta will be able to enjoy free parking on the following days:

– 27th November (Black Friday)
– 8th December (Feast)
– 13th December (Feast)
– 19th December – 1st January

The capital city will be beautifully decorated once again this Christmas. Apart from this however, visitors will also be able to enjoy a number of regular activities taking place at different areas in Valletta, making the experience even more memorable.

SME Chamber CEO Abigail Mamo stated that ‘Christmas is too much of an important period to be missed and that this initiative strikes the right balance between adapting to the new normal and staying safe while still enjoying life.’

Tourism Minister Julia Farrugia Portelli emphasized on the importance to sustain industry in these difficult times and that this certainly includes Valletta as the main tourism hub. With a 50,000 investment by the MTA, the government will be boosting local tourism for the capital.

Valletta Cultural Agency Chairman Jason Micallef stated that Covid will not kill Christmas and while following the full health protocols the initiative intends to still deliver Christmas to families and visitors, in a bit of a different, yet still beautiful and very enjoyable way this year.


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