Fabian Demicoli

Bad sales claimed at Trade Fair

Exhibitors at the International Trade Fair, which closed
last weekend, reported bad sales all around.

These reports ranged from
the car importers to the white goods exhibitors.

GRTU has conducted its
second survey among the trade fair exhibitors, which are mainly represented by
the organisation. The survey focused on the general outcome of trade fair
operations. Businesses were asked to comment on their overall performance and

58 per cent of those interviewed reported a decrease in sales
turnover compared to last year. Of these, 52 per cent claimed that they had a
drop of over 20 per cent. Only 14 per cent had sales improvement while 28 per
cent estimated similar performance compared to last year.

Only 22 per
cent managed to achieve the turnover they expected. 57 per cent said that they
actually did worse than expected.

Meanwhile, 44 per cent registered sales
improvement during the second week over the first week. 40 per cent recorded the
same turnover as the first week with 16 per cent claiming a

Those who noted that visits to their stands increased compared
to last year amounted to 26 per cent only. 45 per cent noted a

83 per cent think that the dates chosen for the trade fair are
appropriate yet 52 per cent are also of the opinion that minor but specialised
Fairs held throughout the year are affecting the overall performance of the
general Trade Fair.

Nevertheless, 66 per cent think they will participate
again in next year’s fair with 28 per cent are still unsure. Of those who will
not participate again or still unsure, 50 per cent admitted that they are not
recuperating costs. However, some comment that exposition in the trade fair is
paramount if one wants to survive competition.

As a general comment, the
trade fair used to attract far more people and generate far more business in
past years when the price reductions used to happen only at trade fair time and
when these were considerable. These days, there are sales going on all the time
and many so-called trade fair reductions are not perceived to be real reductions
at all.

Mainly, however, it all points out to people being far more
careful with their money, with many jobs being under threat and with people
generally being far more careful about the way they spend their money.

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