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Applications for Exemption from Eco-Contribution on Packaging Waste Year 2011

 GRTU is satisfied that after persistent pressure by GRTU and detailed negotiations with the Permanent secretaries responsible for Resources and Rural Affairs and for Environmental Policies and MEPA and for Finance and the Economy and Investment, Government has once again issued applications for exemptions from Eco Contribution in accordance with Legal Notice 84 of 2010. This Legal Notice includes a list of products that are liable to the exemption of Eco Contribution payment.


GRTU has consistently been requesting the issue of this application as from 1st September 2010. We have also insisted with Government to increase the products on the said Legal Notice that are currently liable to Exemption, if one is an Authorised Packaging Scheme member. The last part of our demand seems to have fallen on deaf ears. We shall of course continue to insist on this matter as the only way that Authorised Schemes can survive is by Private Industry paying according to the polluter pays principle and not by indirect taxation, which is what Eco Contribution is actually today.

Eco Contribution continues to be the most haphazard ‘environmental tax' ever to be burdened on a select number of the business community at large in Malta and Gozo.

The Malta Chamber of Small and Medium Enterprises advices all traders and importers currently effecting payments of Eco Contribution that The Approving Body (Eco-Contributions) has issued the relative applications for exemption from eco-contribution on packaging waste for the coming year 2011. GRTU will be setting up two meetings for all those current payers of Eco Contribution who by Legal Notice 84 of 2010 can become exempt from this payment. The meetings are scheduled as follows:

Thursday January 6th at 1.30 pm and Friday January 7th at 7pm at GRTU Head Offices.

Current holders of Eco Exemption Certificates still need to re apply for exemption for the year 2011.

Green MT, GRTU's Authorised National Waste Packaging Scheme will be providing all the support required to fill in these applications in order to be submitted by 28th January 2011.

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