Fabian Demicoli

Anti-Dumping or Dumping Malta?

 GRTU has today written to the Minister for Finance with great concern as just this week we learnt that next week we will see the introduction of a new, hefty anti-dumping duty on imports of ceramic tiles from China.


It is too evident that Maltese import a significant quantity of ceramic tiles from China and that such a duty will lead the sector into harsh circumstances. Not only will this make importation from China highly uncompetitive but will put importers in a very difficult position as they have the prices on the orders arriving within this month and after fixed and they cannot just now inform their clients that the tiles they have ordered have increased in price due to the imposition. This will drive prices up for our consumers.

GRTU cannot therefore understand that while having the data and figures in hand Government did absolutely nothing to stop this from happening. This is not the first time we have come to this situation and GRTU believes Government by now should be very aware that unless we have the strong local industry to protect Government should go against any kind of duty imposed on our importers and consumers.

It is absolutely unacceptable that Government not only does not put up a fight and tries to get the backing of other countries but agrees as if it exists only to process and not analyse the impact of the decisions it takes. Unfortunately we do not have confirmed that Malta voted in favour but this is what it looks like. GRTU told Government that we would appreciate having this information confirmed as we have tried to get but have been denied of this information. Again it is something we fail to understand.

GRTU concluded by saying that if Government took a position we sincerely hope there is a good justification and that Government would stand up to be counted. GRTU awaits an immediate reply from Government.

For more information visit: http://www.fta-eu.org/de/login/ftanewsflash475.pdf

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