Fabian Demicoli

Anti-Dumping Duty of kitchenware not in our interest!

Meeting for importers held – GRTU has followed up on the issue and importers gathered
at the GRTU to discuss the issue with Government representatives and give their
feedback on how this will impact them.

The Economic Policy Division explained to the importers
what are the European Commission's plans on introducing an anti-dumping duty on
imports within the EU of China originating Kitchenware and Tableware. They
explained that this is due to an investigation carried out by the Commission
following complaints by EU manufacturing companies that Chinese exporters were
dumping the price of their products in order to be able to penetrate the EU
market and as a result negatively effect the level of sales of the EU

The investigation has reached a stage where a decision
will be taken by the Member States on whether they support the Commission's
plan and if the majority back the Commission an anti-dumping duty will be
introduced as of next 16th November 2012. No information is yet
available other than that the Commission's plan is to introduce anti-dumping
duties that are substantial.

dumping duties introduced will affect China originating tableware and
kitchenware made of ceramic, porcelain, stoneware or earthenware. These
products currently fall within the Combined Nomenclature (CN) codes 6911 10 00,
ex 6912 00 10, ex 6912 00 30, ex 6912 00 50 and 6912 00 90 (TARIC codes 6911 10
00 90, 6923 00 10 11, 6912 00 10 91, 6912 00 30 10), excluding ceramic kitchen

this means in practical terms is that direct imports of such products or
imports of these products from another Member State will become much more
costly, to a state were they will probably be unsustainable. The importer will
either pay the duty to customs upon importation or else pay more for the
product itself when coming from another Member State because that Member State
would have paid that new anti-dumping duty to its customs upon importation.

importers of GRTU all expressed their concern on the issue also because the
best European brands had moved their operations to China. Importers stated that
between 20% and 70% of their products will be effected. Importers explained in
detail to the Government representatives how  badly they will be impacted and how the choice
for consumers will become restricted to products of a much higher price.

was agreed that while this European move of introducing such a duty will
benefit some countries, a few specific companies in particular, who have a
strong manufacturing  sector, it will
badly impact on EU citizens and other businesses.

Government representatives took note of the position expressed by Maltese
importers and said they will pass it on to the Ministry to take it into consideration
when drafting Malta's position.

urges those that are in Government to represent Malta's interest to vote in the
interest of Maltese businesses and citizens. GRTU will monitor the situation.

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