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Access to Finance for SMEs Conference

Access to Finance for SME’s, Conference – Corinthia Palace
Hotel, Attard 20-10-04

GRTU – Malta Chamber for Small and Medium
Enterprises is organising a National Conference on Access to Finance for Small
and Medium Enterprises in co-ordination with UEAPME, European Savings Bank
Group, Bank of Valletta and the Malta Financial Services Authority.



chosen theme is Basil 11 for SME’s: The Access to Finance for SME’s. The
Conference is being held on Wednesday 20th October 2004 at the Corinthia Palace
Hotel, Attard. This is a one-day training Conference for business owners and
managers of SME’s.Access to finance has always been of key importance
for Small & Medium Enterprises. Shortly, revised international capital
adequacy requirements for banks and other credit institutions will be introduced
in all EU member states. These new requirements will transform the process of
access to finance for small & medium business.In order to explain
these changes to owners of SMEs, UEAPME – the European Federation of
Organisations of SME’s and the European Savings Banks Group have joined forces
to implement the European Commission’s commitment to ensure that owners of small
and medium sized businesses are aware of the access to finance mechanisms which
are available and that will be applied in the future. The new schemes will
encourage the Banks to offer enhanced financing packages for SMEs based on a
favourable credit rating system. The new schemes will provide for an
adoption by SME managers of new business behaviour to comply with the new
capital requirements.Owners of SME’s in Member States of the EU are
being invited by UEAPME and ESBG to attend a One-Day National Training
Conference to learn more about these developments. A total of 60 training
conferences for SMEs are being held in all EU member states.

The first
of this Conference is being held in Malta on Wednesday 20th October 2004.

theme of the Malta Conference is “Access to Finance for SMEs” .

Participation is open to business owners and other interested parties.
Application forms can be obtained from GRTU Offices, Republic Street, Valletta
or through GRTU’s Website:

The Malta Conference is
organised by GRTU, Chamber of Small and Medium Enterprises – as Malta’s
representative and as member of UEAPME in collaboration with the Bank of
Valletta plc as a member of the ESBG, and with the support of Malta Financial
Services Authority.

The Malta conference is organised under the
patronage of the Hon. Dr. Lawrence Gonzi, Prime Minster of Malta. The Conference
will be addressed also by Prof. Joe Bannister, Chairman of MFSA and the keynote
speakers include Mr Joseph FX Zahra, Chairman of Bank of Valletta and Mr Karol
Gabaretta, Director Banking Unit of MFSA.

Keynote speakers in the
Conference will be:

Mr. Ian Jakeways British specialist on SMEs
financing needs and in assistance to financial institutions on a better
understanding of their customers project management, policy co-ordinations and
social partners negotiations.

Mr. Christian Marlier is currently Director
in charge of Institutional Risk Services at Fortis Bank.

Mr Gerhard
Huemer, UEAPME expert on solutions to SMEs financing problems.

Vincent Farrugia Director General of GRTU will present the findings of GRTU’s
Study Project on Financing Requirements for Maltese SMEs.

Mr Karol
Gabaretta and Ms Catherine Galea from MFSA.

Mr Joseph FX Zahra, Chairman
Bank of Valletta.

Owners and managers of SMEs participating in this
Conference will have an opportunity to learn what development is taking place in
the field of access to finance and how the financial world is gearing up to
provide access to finance which is more friendly to SME’s.

Director General of GRTU, Vincent Farrugia will present the results of a Survey
conducted among Maltese SME’s and highlights the issues that Maltese SME’s wish
to see resolved thus enabling SME’s to meet their financing requirements of
their expansion programmes.

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