Fabian Demicoli

A Double Burden: What a Charade!

  The campaign being orchestrated through the gullible media is cheap. Very, very cheap.

The whole electricity and water surcharge issue has to be revisited. Government should by now know exactly what is the economic and social impact of the operations of the surcharge and come forward with a coherent plan to mitigate for the negative impact of the surcharge and lay the ground for fair and acceptable electricity and water charges.


It is pertinent here to remind government that 50% of the country (less 1,600) voted for the reduction of Surcharge by half and the other 50% did not vote for a doubling of the Surcharge as no party had the honesty to propose this.

GRTU has objected to the Surcharge from day one. It is wrongly structured, it is grossly unfair on small businesses that need more than average electricity or water to produce their product; on food stores as cold storage during the night consumes 25% of the total electrical bill; on consumers as they suffer a double shock.

Consumers pay direct on their household usage and then again on every food item they consume as retailers and traders have no option but to pay on the surcharge they suffer. Worst still, the surcharge as it is now, is robbing the small to subsidise the large because the capping mechanism is nothing but a farce. Those who benefit, benefit grossly, all the others suffer themselves the loss Enemalta loses on sustaining the capping applicable to the selected larger enterprises.

The water surcharge is a rip-off: Water Services Corporation takes in the full surcharge on the whole water bill when WSC costs are only 6% due to electricity billing.  Whoever is proposing to double the surcharge knows quite well that this is not on: it's a farcical media charade to prepare the public for a hefty increase and then the silly scream: "but we didn't double it as was originally planned" come on please, don't treat us like idiots!



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