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A message from the CEO: An important juncture in a difficult period

“The coming days will however be very decisive”

A very important juncture is looming. We are right on the doorstep of new actions that will be announced to control the spread of the virus and also on the most important budget, possibly in the history of Budgets, to be announced.

Times of excitement, pressures and stress. This time would have been more exciting hadn’t we been here, in this position, awaiting this important news that is potentially life changing to your individual businesses, all too frequently over the 7 last months.  

The coming days will however be very decisive and, days that we as a Chamber have been working hard to prepare for in the direction of the best outcome, for months now. 

Throughout this period we have tried our very best to assist our members and the business community in general in all ways possible.  

 The coming months are not expected to be easy but we will be there with our continued support. The day following the Budget we will already be coming to you with a webinar explaining the highlights of the Budget. We are teaming up with Malta Enterprise and having Kurt Farrugia as CEO discussing the upcoming priorities and schemes. 

 It is an activity not to be missed to gear up for the months to come. It will be an important stepping stone and the basis for the planning you will need to undertake to benefit from the schemes available as much as possible and use this time as valuably as you can. 

 On a daily basis I speak to countless business owners and your feedback and updates are invaluable to me. Apart from my enjoyment in staying in touch with you it gives me a sense of security that I am in sync with the people I represent and have been entrusted to speak for.  


 I therefore appreciate you dropping me a line every now and then with your news, both good and bad, to keep me updated with what is going on. This helps me a lot in the work I do and fulfil my duty in the best possible way. 

 You can use any communication channel the SME Chamber has available to get in touch with me as you feel comfortable. 

 I look forward to hearing from you. 

Abigail Mamo

CEO Malta Chamber of SMEs

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The Malta Chamber of SMEs represents over 7,000 members from over 90 different sectors which in their majority are either small or medium sized companies, and such issues like the one we're experiencing right now, it's important to be united. Malta Chamber of SMEs offers a number of different services tailored to its members' individual requirements' and necessities. These range from general services offered to all members to more individual & bespoke services catered for specific requirements.

A membership with Malta Chamber of SMEs will guarantee that you are constantly updated and informed with different opportunities which will directly benefit your business and help you grow. It also entails you to a number of services which in their majority are free of charge and offered exclusively to its members (in their majority all free of charge).